Travel Blogs

travel blogs

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These are the best travel blogs, websites, and resources to check out:

1. Jasmine Wanders Travel Blog

Jasmine Wanders is a travel blog about a solo female who has been wandering around the world since 2007. Even though she lives in Colombia now, she writes about her day-to-day life and the challenges and ups and downs she faces living abroad.

2. CNN Go

Once you read one article, you’re bound to keep clicking on more until your wanderlust has reached a fever pitch. This site offers a good mix of travel news and destination pieces.

3. Thorn Tree Forum

If you’ve ever had questions about a particular destination, mode of transportation, safety, or any other travel question, this is by far your best bet. You can ask travelers from all over the world for advice.

4. Trip Advisor

I never book accommodation without checking out Trip Advisor first. Hotel, restaurant  and attraction reviews are written by both tourists and locals to give you the honest truth about each establishment.

5. Meet Me at the Border

This is a fun new site which makes the most tedious part of travel – border crossings – into an interesting adventure. Before you hike, bike, or fly over borders, check out this site for cool things to do.

Beauty Blogs

Beauty Blogs

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We all like beauty and want to be fit, beautiful, and healthy. Here are some of the best blogs for that.

1) Fit for Wellness

Fit for Wellness is a health and wellness blog that shows you how to eat healthy, gives you exercise tips, and introduces you to healthy lifestyles.

2) Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic offers tons of free information about health and wellness. Check it out here:

3) Web MD

WebMD is another valuable resource, which can be visited here.

Entrepreneur Blogs

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Are you an entrepreneur looking for inspiration? Then these blogs and resources are for you.

1) Genius Generation

Genius Generation is a blog run by Dwayne Golden Jr which has different creative posts about startups and successful leaders and entrepreneurs throughout history.


An all-inclusive website about all things business. Great for entrepreneurs at all levels. Check the site here:

Eco Blogs

Food Blogs

food blogs

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Even though I don’t always have time to cook, I do enjoy subscribing to these food blogs because I’m always surprised by how much can be done! These are a few of my favorites:

1. Wine Life Today

This sophisticated food and wine blog highlights wineries and wine bars around the world, gourmet food ideas, and luxury travel destinations. Even if you aren’t a millionaire, you can still learn about the finer things in life through this blog.

2. Epicurious

Though not the most appealing site design, Epicurious pumps out food articles that will make you drool at your desk. Sign up to their RSS feed for daily inspiration.

3. Foodess

Amazing food photos? Check. Visually appealing design? Check. Easy to follow recipes? Check. What more could you need?

4. Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is one of my favorite TV chefs, so I couldn’t make this list without mentioning him. On his site, you can find recipes according to dietary needs, holidays, and fan recipes.

5. Living Maxwell

Max Goldberg is passionate about organic food and writes about it on his blog, Living Maxwell.This is a great resource for news about organic food and companies who do or do not promote natural ingredients in their products.

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