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These are the best travel blogs, websites, and resources to check out:

1. Jasmine Wanders Travel Blog

Jasmine Wanders is a travel blog about a solo female who has been wandering around the world since 2007. Even though she lives in Colombia now, she writes about her day-to-day life and the challenges and ups and downs she faces living abroad.

2. CNN Go

Once you read one article, you’re bound to keep clicking on more until your wanderlust has reached a fever pitch. This site offers a good mix of travel news and destination pieces.

3. Thorn Tree Forum

If you’ve ever had questions about a particular destination, mode of transportation, safety, or any other travel question, this is by far your best bet. You can ask travelers from all over the world for advice.

4. Trip Advisor

I never book accommodation without checking out Trip Advisor first. Hotel, restaurant  and attraction reviews are written by both tourists and locals to give you the honest truth about each establishment.

5. Meet Me at the Border

This is a fun new site which makes the most tedious part of travel – border crossings – into an interesting adventure. Before you hike, bike, or fly over borders, check out this site for cool things to do.

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