3 reasons to keep your children away from bright screens

We are living in an era of technological revolution where televisions, computers and smartphones are now an integral part of our daily lives. This upheaval involves a certain addiction to light screens much more in children. Several studies have shown the risks associated with the exposure of children to bright screens. Here are 5 reasons to keep your kids away from bright screens.

Bright screens delay your child's cognitive development

Studies show that children's exposure to light screens creates deficits in their cognitive development. Indeed, children under 3 who are exposed to light screens have several concentration disorders. They have difficulty looking at their interlocutors to establish relationships, are quite distracted, very agitated, are not very social, and develop communication disorders. In addition, children overly exposed to light screens have memory problems explained by the multiplicity of light screens that surround them. Human memory and much more in children need attention to function. But when the child's environment exposes him to a variety of bright screens, he finds himself in a situation of divided attention that causes memory problems. You can visit this page https://www.do-you-know-about.com/ to learn more.

Bright screens disturb children's sleep

Bright screens produce blue light that is very dangerous for the retina. This light perceived by the eyes of children acts on the production of melatonin, this hormone which regulates the sleep cycle. High exposure to this light can therefore cause a shift in the biological clock in children, causing insomnia. This phenomenon occurs even when children sleep with their eyes closed with smartphones next to them. These emit signals and flashes of light that can also unbalance children's sleep cycles. Thus, this regulatory cycle, which is 8 hours of sleep per day, could be reduced in overly exposed children. Children who suffer from insomnia exhibit general fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and memory.

Bright screens, a danger to the eyes

More and more children are developing vision problems and are forced to wear medical glasses. Studies have shown that the high exposure of children to light screens is a source of visual disturbance in them. The blue light generated by the screens of smartphones, tablets or televisions is indeed harmful for the retina of children in whom there is an immaturity of the lens of the eye. Vision problems are one of the most common problems in children. Indeed, it is not uncommon to see children who develop vision problems from an early age. Experts recommend Serge Tisseron's 3-6-9-12 rule. This method consists of supervising the exposure of children to screens at any age and according to the 4 stages of life.
Many children today are exposed to the screens of smartphones, tablets, computers and even televisions. If through these tools there are enough adapted programs such as cartoons and video games capable of developing children's intelligence, their exposure to bright screens carries many risks. It is therefore up to parents to supervise the exposure of children to screens in order to protect them.