Are you protected against DDoS attacks?

Websites all over the world are being exposed to several attacks that prevent them from being used. A current example of such malicious cyber crimes is DDoS attacks. This is a valid reason for you to think of the protection of your website to get away from danger if it is not protected yet.

What are DDoS attacks?

DDoS attacks stand for Distributed Denial of Service attacks. They are distributed network attacks that aim to overwhelm your website by limiting its capacities. In fact, a web resource has a limited capacity of receiving and treating requests which, exceeded, keeps unable to work. To reach such a goal, hackers try to disturb the right order of our website with fake traffic. In simple words, DDoS attacks aim to make a legitimate user of your website or server unable to have access to it.

Why do hackers launch DDoS attacks?

DDoS attackers are mainly motivated by businesses and individuals. One way or another, their aim is to ruin your online activities. But, each of them has his own reasons, either a rivalry or vandalism.

Some of your competitors may harass you because they don’t want you to take part in a particular cyber event. They may also just want to shut you down in order to increase their visibility on the internet or to win an online game.

Practitioners of hacktivism and cyber vandalism apply this kind of assault to show their anger or their criticism against a system (school, government, etc) or an individual (a rival). But you can overcome these by using a reliable anti DDoS protection.

Where can you find an anti-DDoS protection?

For your website to get protected against such a disappointment, you have to locate or host your site at the good web hosting place. We recommend you KoDDoS, which is the best web host that prevents and secures your website from any danger and more specifically DDoS attacks.