How to celebrate Christmas at work?

Christmas is commonly celebrated at home with the family. However, it can also be celebrated at work. This can even be very interesting. Here are some ideas for celebrating Christmas at work. Discover them to share a happy moment with your colleagues.

Decorate your office with your colleague

It can be a very interesting project if you are creative. Decorate your office with your colleagues to give it a festive feel. To unite the teams around this project, you can choose a theme for the decoration. You can also launch a competition for the best Christmas idea. Raise a small budget to give your premises some festive clothes. Do your best to create a Christmas atmosphere at work. A Christmas tree, a garland of lights, bells and whistles are good ideas for christmas with your colleagues.

Organise a Secret Santa

Secret Santa or Mystery Santa is the current trend at work. The concept is simple. You need to give a colleague a small Christmas present. A budget is fixed in advance for this purpose and is generally inexpensive. To organise this, each colleague simply draws the name of someone to whom he/she would give a gift. Then, everyone knows who they are looking for present for. However, no one knows who their Mystery Santa will be. In final, he/she is free to reveal himself once the present has been given. That’s where the name “Secret Santa” came from. It creates a real moment of conviviality between your colleague and you.

Vote for the ugliest Christmas jumper

This is another idea to enjoy Christmas at work. The principle is quite simple. However, it necessitates the participation of everyone to be successfully achieved. To start, everyone brings and wears ugly Christmas jumper on the day. Then, you proceed to the election of the ugliest jumper. It guarantees a very funny atmosphere. Voting for the ugliest Christmas jumper is an activity that is gaining more field today. Many ready-to-wear brands even sell kitschy jumpers at Christmas time.