North Korea dictator, Kim Jong promises to strengthen his country’s nuclear weapons

North Korea leader, Kim has said his country will do all it can to resist intentional interference. He backed his statement by promising to go ahead with North Korea increasing nuclear arsenal.

North Korea Nuclear program is on course—Kim

Days running to the inauguration of Mr. Joe Biden as US president, North Korea despot has delivered a statement where he pledges to increase his country’s nuclear weapons. M. Kim wants to grab the headlines ahead of the coming administration of Joe Biden, the analyst stated.


Even with the isolation, his country is made to face, after shutting down his nation due to the COVID-19 virus. A nuclear meeting between President Kim and President Trump didn’t achieve its aim because of several sanctions relief and what North Korea is expected to give up as a sign of cooperation.


According to Kim:


“ We are determined to make our nuclear arms stronger and empower the military to make it one of the best in the world” He told his party congress.


He said that North Korea’s strength lies in making better nuclear weapons that can stand toe to toe with world powers. The video shows many political fiends and delegates (with none wearing a face mask, no social distancing) cheering their leader.

Kim Jong labels US and allies obstacles to Korea progress

At the meeting, Kim took a swipe at the US government labeling them a crucial obstacle to the country’s revolution and their sole enemy. He also said the US stance on North Korea issues will always be negative, no matter who is president (silently taking a dig at Mr. Biden).


Part of North Korea’s nuclear arsenal is a nuclear-powered submarine, military war-heads, and solid-fuel intercontinental ballistics missiles. North Korea’s military advancement has made strides under leader Kim, and he has continuously shown you several intimidating ICBM which weapons experts have called the biggest mobile-liquid missile on a global scale.


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