Prince Harry and his wife Meghan are quitting all social media platforms

After leaving their royalty background to live a normal life, it seems it isn’t going to be easy. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have vowed to lay off social media because of trolls.

Duke and Duchess of Sussex to stay off social media

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have decided to take leave from all social media networks after suffering from hate messages on Facebook and Twitter, according to close sources in the UK.


They don’t want anything to do with social media platforms either privately or professionally in the US where they reside. Close sources to the couples told the media that they don’t have any plan to use the discount social media to promote their new Archewell Foundation and won’t consider it for a long while.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex who left for the US in early 2020 after deciding to leave their royal functions and privileges have been active on social media. They have about 11 million followers on their royal account, while they were still in the UK. In fairness to them, they have previously raised alarm about the negative messages they have gotten from social media and British news media.

Meghan Markle and her husband say there is too much hate targeted at them

Meghan Markle has talked about the effect of these trolls as very unbearable, with Harry raising alarm in 2015 about racial and sexist statements directed at his wife. In 2020, they announced a new NGO called Archewell which was part of their agreement with the palace before abdicating their royal duties.


The couple has also engaged in. The pipeline includes a deal with Spotify where good and entertaining stories will be told. Recently, they signed a huge contract worth millions of dollars with top movie firm, Netflix for the production of excellent movies and TV series. Markle, a former movie actress, is also involved in a documentary about wildlife on Disney Channel.