How to choose your VPS hosting provider?

VPS hosting is a type of web hosting that is halfway between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. However, to take advantage of the benefits of this hosting, you must choose the right web host. You don't know how to proceed to choose your web host? So what do you need to know about it? The localization The location […]

Are you protected against DDoS attacks?

Websites all over the world are being exposed to several attacks that prevent them from being used. A current example of such malicious cyber crimes is DDoS attacks. This is a valid reason for you to think of the protection of your website to get away from danger if it is not protected yet. What are DDoS attacks? […]

4 most frequent computer crashes

Computers are as indispensable for entertainment as they are for work. Therefore, if your computer suddenly crashes, it could be quite inconvenient for you. While some problems can be easily solved, others are more serious and require the intervention of a specialist. Here are 4 of the most frequent computer crashes. A computer that no longer turns on […]

Signal message platform experiencing technical difficulties as downloads soar

The new message platform has problems with its application due to user overload. The app is in line to succeed WhatsApp, but the price of success is already taking its toll. New servers to be installed by Signal to solve technical problems The new message platform, Signal has said it has some “ technical issues” accommodating millions of […]