The situation of kratom in France.

In the past, consumers came into possession of kratom via various platforms on the internet. But more than a year ago, the purchase or possession of this product was banned in France. What are the causes of this decision and what reactions has it provoked? More details in the rest of this article.

The reasons for this decision.

Further information about this drug is available at: This ban is proposed by the DG of the agency in charge of the safety of medicines. For him, kratom as well as its various compounds are classified among substances with psychotropic characteristics... Published in the official journal, the decree of the Ministry of Health is the result of investigations on the link between drug addiction and state of alertness conducted between 2007 and 2018. Indeed, the number of victims is constantly increasing: the consequences of kratom on health include depression, weight loss, toxic hepatitis, anorexia and finally psychotic decompensation. In addition, one case of death has been recorded due to a mixture of other drugs, kratom and medicines. Kratom contains 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine: two alkaloids that are very active at the so-called opioid receptors.

The various reactions of certain combinations.

A quick reminder, on the other side of the world in America, 43 states have made its consumption legal. From July 2016 to December 2017, 91 people died after excessive use, 51 of whom combined it with fentanyl. After autopsy, 7 deceased had only kratom in their system. It is surely to avoid this that the French authorities have taken such a decision. This was not digested by several associations. They expressed their dismay at this decision. Through their representatives, kratom is helping consumers to substitute morphine and heroin. Users will return to these drugs. Finally, for these associations, these are political decisions, not health decisions.