What should I know about the No Frills Flyer store ?

Do you know the No Frills Flyer store ? In this article you will find all the information available about the No Frills brand, including the locations and usual opening hours of the No Frills stores. It informs you of everything you need, such as the location and opening hours of your favorite stores, and in particular those of No Frills stores.

About No Frills

No Frills is a Canadian chain of discount supermarkets owned by Loblaw Companies Limited, the country’s leader in food and pharmacy. With the opening of the first No Frills Flyer store in Toronto in 1978, Canadian consumers discovered an innovative retail concept : the store only carried some 500 items, there was no bakery, no butcher, no free bags, no frozen food, no air conditioning. The products, of well-known brands, are not displayed on shelves, but are rather left on the floor in their original packaging. This “no frills” or “no frills” approach allows the company to sell its items at unbeatable prices. Over time, dozens of new stores are popping up across the country. Each week, a new online flyer presents several irresistible specials that you can currently take advantage of to save even more on your purchases.

Why buy from No Frills Flyer ?

Each No Frills Flyer store now offers thousands of items, including a wide selection of fresh and frozen products, meat, but also beauty and body care products or household items. Even if the offer has evolved a lot in 30 years, one thing has not changed. The prices are still very low. No Frills Flyer is also very popular with its customers through the President’s Choice® and no name® (famous generic yellow packaging) product lines, Loblaw’s own brands that offer excellent value for money.

Focus on the location and opening hours of No Frills Flyer ?

The No Frills brand is present in 9 provinces of Canada through more than 250 stores, located among others in Ontario in Casselman, Orléans, Arnprior, Rockland and Ottawa, and in other Canadian cities, including Regina, Vancouver, Calgary and Shediac. Supermarkets are generally open Monday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. To find the nearest store and its hours of operation, visit https://www.nofrills.ca. Feel free to leaf through the No Frills online flyer to find out what specials are currently waiting for you in your store.