What to choose between Packard Bell, HP, and Acer?

The laptop market has been booming for a few years now. Numerous brands are waging a veritable war of communication and seduction in order to wrest the best market shares.  Packard Bell, HP, DELL, Lenovo or Acer, in short the list is long. In order to make your next purchase easier, we have decided to carry out a mini comparative study between three brands with different commercial policies. Which computer brand should you choose between Packard Bell, HP, and Acer?

Packard Bell

Packard Bell is the brand for small budgets. The Acer subsidiary brand offers many computer accessories, such as the adapter for packard bell igo laptop. While its prices are among the most affordable on the market, questions remain about the quality and durability of the items on offer. 

Packard Bell computers are known to be slow, not very efficient and above all not fluid. If in the past, the products of the brand were appreciated, today the situation has changed. Why, the question remains. 


Serious, constant and above all reliable, the American brand has remained true to itself. As proof, its designs speak for themselves. For a long time a pioneer in the field of portable computers, commonly known as PCs, it has somewhat yielded to the competition. 

However, today, HP offers computers for all budgets. The brand has a diversified catalogue and above all is inclined to satisfy all needs. 

From the simple student looking for a practical computer for his studies to the company manager or graphic designer in need of a powerful model, all sensibilities are taken into account. Even gamers will find something to satisfy their hobbies. 


Over the years, the Taiwanese manufacturer has managed to make a name for itself among computer manufacturers. Today, Acer is the third-largest supplier of computer components in the world. This shows how serious and efficient it is in the field. Specialising in research and development, design, production and sales of computer products, the brand offers a variety of high-performance computers.