Signal message platform experiencing technical difficulties as downloads soar

The new message platform has problems with its application due to user overload. The app is in line to succeed WhatsApp, but the price of success is already taking its toll.

New servers to be installed by Signal to solve technical problems

The new message platform, Signal has said it has some “ technical issues” accommodating millions of new users who want to download their app. Users said they are experiencing problems relating to sending and receiving messages.


Signal has seen many users flock to its platform due to the recent privacy rules from WhatsApp last week. Reacting to this issue on Twitter, Signal has said, it will add more servers quickly to accommodate more users and ensure excellent service.


“ Millions of people registering on our platform are doing so because they believe in the sanctification of privacy” Signal said in its tweet.


Signal and another encrypted free message app, Telegram, have enjoyed patronage from many WhatsApp customers because of its stringent terms on privacy. In a statement issued last week, WhatsApp informed over 3 billion users that they want to start sharing data with Facebook if they want to continue using their platform.

Signal taking advantage of WhatsApp’s new privacy terms

This new privacy rule by WhatsApp doesn’t apply to users in the UK and the US, but the message was sent to everyone. WhatsApp further said its message was misunderstood on social media and that people are confused.


Using figures available from analytic company Sensor Tower, Signal has seen its application downloaded by 251,000 just last week. India remains the biggest user having about 2.8 million customers in Signal, with the UK having 196,500 and the US, 1.2 million.


On Friday, Telegram said it has about 550 million active members worldwide and that downloads have moved from 6 million in December to 13 million in mid-January. At about the same time, WhatsApp saw a decline in downloads from 12 million to 9 million.

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