What is Kinesiotape?

The use of adhesive bandages (strapping, taping, restraint, ...) has gained popularity for more than a decade in the world of sport.  Indeed, this new method of intervention is very often appreciated by high level athletes, because they reassure the therapist and also the athlete.  These bandages remain important in the immobilization phase for "athletic or strapping" type bandages, but especially in the resumption of sport phase (or RTP in English) to allow a return to play with greater safety.

 The use of kinesiotape.

Within all this panel of bandages, one of them has come to the fore thanks to its intrinsic properties and bright colors: the Kinesiotape. In comparison with more classic bandages found in sport (so-called "athletic or strapping" bandages), Kinesiotape is a more elastic bandage that promotes movement (now also found under several names. For more information, do not hesitate, by clicking here.

The use of bandages is a very fashionable modality today and many providers offer the possibility of easy access for the healthcare professional or the athlete.  Through these explanations, it seems very clear to adopt the right speeches when faced with the use of Kinesiotape.

What to know on kinesiotapes?

It is impossible to say that this method is more effective than any other on muscle performance, proprioception, the circulatory and lymphatic system or even on pain reduction, but that does not mean that there is no benefit.  to its use.  The specific effects of Kinesiotape are not scientifically proven and studies are sorely lacking in good levels of evidence.  It is important not to neglect its placebo effects which would reinforce its benefits.

The use of Kinesiotape alone tends to be ineffective, but it is nonetheless an adjuvant that should not be neglected in combination with other more traditional techniques, because it is very easy to use and inexpensive.  However, the different application methods must be respected and knowing them is the basis for effective treatment.

Kinesiotape is often appreciated by therapists and athletes.  Well used, it remains a technique not to be neglected according to the preferences of the practitioners.



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